Exfoliating Jellyfish Silicone Brush

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Foaming sponge and cleansing brush all in one!
The combination of the sponge and the silicone bristles softly cleanse every pore deep down, while providing a rfreshing sensation on the skin.

Maintaining the brush is simple!
Different from the previous pore cleansing brushes that hardly dries and breeds bacteria, the silicone brush dries much faster and is easier to keep clean. Seperate the brush and the sponge from inside after each use, and dry.

The cute, funny jellyfish shape makes your cleansing time, fun time!
The soft, funny texture of the brush makes the cleansing time enjoyable.

My Beauty Tool Exfoliating Jellyfish Silicone Brush

Soft Silicone Cleansing Brush
Abundant, dense foam softly cleanse every pore deep down, while providing a refreshing sensation on the skin.

Exfoliating, massaging, and cleansing all at once!

Soft and dense silicone bristles clean out all the remaining makeup and excess sebum without irritating the skin.

Use the side with thick silicone bristles to gently massage your face.